When you enter Waste Not Want Not Eco Shop, the first thing you’ll notice is the opportunity to do what the name suggests…Waste Not.

A wall of refills encourages you to bring your empty shampoo, laundry or liquid soap bottles in to fill up. Even your small essential oil bottles can be refilled from an extensive selection including Lavender, Bergamot or Rose Geranium. You can also purchase these products in a new Waste Not container, but bringing your own saves you money and packaging.

Speaking of saving, Water Conservation is also a focus.

Gift Ideas for All Kinds of People

The Waste Not Want Not Eco Shop is well known as a treasure trove of unique gift ideas to.

The range of educational and environmentally friendly children’s toys features the gorgeous Eco Toys from Sri Lanka.
busy books
interactive wall hangings

You can choose the perfect card to go with your gift from the Adelaide-based ‘Earth Greetings’ company. Other unique card designs from small companies are available too.

Grownups are also well catered for with an eclectic array of items…You will be overwhelmed with choice.

A wide variety of oil burners and body products
Incense and candles.

Those with sensitive skin can find body products and shampoos that are safe to use, such as the Back to Basics range and Aquarius and Chesser cleaning products. Being all vegetable-based and phosphate-free, they are also safe to use on the garden when re-using your wastewater. The beautiful handmade premium soaps are also sure to appeal.


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