Welcome to Phone Smiths,

Your best choice for mobile phone, smart phone and tablet repair services in Adelaide.
Australian owned and operated.

We love to fix mobiles and tablets! We have done so since before the smartphone and tablets hit the market.
When it comes to mobile phone and tablet repairs, we pride ourselves for being among the most experienced and highly trained technicians in SA.

We strive to provide the very best service we can. When we repair your device, we aim to restore it to original condition, with nothing left out.
Often we see phones and tablets that have had the “Quick” and “cheap” one hour service where parts are missing, screens are falling off with non genuine parts that don’t do the job right and simply void your warranty.

Its our policy that when we fix your phone we;
“Fix it like it never broke”
This means we use genuine parts and we repair your device in a specially established workshop with all the right tools and equipment.
Its one thing we know, when it comes to phone and tablet repairs, the only way to do it right is with the right tools, parts, training and attitude.

Did you take your device somewhere and they told you it cant be fixed? or the iphone is bent? Did they say that it will never turn on after a quick dip in water? or your data is lost? Don’t let the sales man talk you into a new phone or contract, if all you want is the photos off the phone. Bring it to Phone Smiths where we will exhaust all avenues to get your phone back on track, recover your data or simply fix your screen right.

We offer a minimum of 3 month warranty on all parts replaced and we fully test all repairs to ensure your complete satisfaction.

So what if it is truly beyond repair?
We also offer written insurance quotes for replacement handsets if your device cannot be fixed. Check with your insurance provider or
your home and contents policy.

Remember at Phone Smiths, customer service and satisfaction is our priority. We want your experience with us to be a pleasant one where we help you get back on track.
If you like to shop around, bring us your quote and we will do one better.

Support local, support Aussie business,



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Robyn of Ready4SUCCESS March 21, 2016 1:18 pm

Thanks Alan, very much appreciated. Resolved super efficiently, and at a very good price, what could have been my worst nightmare, my tablet which I use for ALL work related everythings refusing to save any new input….Ahhh…

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