Minton Farm is non-profit, voluntary native animal rescue centre, located in Cherry Gardens, in the Adelaide Hills.

Minton Farm Animal Rescue Centre provides a free community service to rehabilitate injured and orphaned native animals and birds brought to the Centre. There is no service to collect or to euthanize offsite.

We house, help and look after around 300 orphaned and injured animals and birds at any one time! Minton Farm Native Animal Rescue Centre is owned and managed by Mrs. Bev Langley. Thousands of injured and orphaned creatures are referred to here by RSPCA, Warrawong, Bird Care and Conservation Society, Native Animal Network, and many Vets.

Our Mission
To provide individualized high quality rescue, care and rehabilitation of a compassionate nature, to injured and orphaned native animals and birds in a caring environment, to educate and enrich the lives of community members.

The Aim of the Centre is to rehabilitate the rescue and return them to their homes as quickly as possible, if they are 100% fit; otherwise they are taken into permanent care. Over 9,400 animals and birds have been rescued to date, with more than 300 volunteers trained to assist in the work.

Animals rescued include: kangaroos, possums, echidnas, koalas, bats, and lizards.
Birds rescued include: kookaburras, magpies, owls, hawks, eagles, and parrots.
Farm animals rescued include: sheep, pigs, ponies, and poultry.

Educational tours and talks are provided to increase community awareness of the effects of habitat destruction upon Australia’s wildlife, and how to help them to survive..

Volunteering helps Minton Farm. Over 300 volunteers have been trained at the centre, people ranging from 8 years old to 73 years, helping out on a weekly roster to feed and maintain the creatures, and to build enclosures and cat-proof fencing.


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